[CD] IKSAN SKUTER – Benderang Terang


Malang, Indonesia.

Collection type: CD
Name of the band/musician: Iksan Skuter
Album title: Benderang Terang
Country: Indonesia
Release year: 2016
Producer: Iksan Skuter
Tracklist: 12
Contributor: Iksan Skuter, May 27, 2016

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Tracklist  :

NoTitle Writer(s)
1BencanaIksan Skuter
2BingungIksan Skuter
3Tak perlu update statusIksan Skuter
4KeretaIksan Skuter
5Kisah kakek dan cucuIksan Skuter
6Layang layingIksan Skuter
7Lagu petaniIksan Skuter
8Petualangan JojoIksan Skuter
9Setor DataIksan Skuter
10Tai LuwakIksan Skuter
11BohongIksan Skuter
12Kertas SialanIksan Skuter

Artwork Cover : Abimanyu Muhammad Al Fatih

Iksan Skuter is an Indonesian singer and songwriter who was born in Blora on August 30, 1981, with the full name Mohammad Iksan. Currently, he lives in Malang. Iksan Skuter always appears with his trademark, which is a hat with a one-star image or a cap.

Iksan Skuter is a musician who has a career in the independent line, he doesn’t really care about the genre of his music. For Iksan, a musician’s job is to make music. However, Iksan’s songs tell a lot about political issues, corruption, the environment, and the nature of the Indonesian state.


“Benderang Terang” album was produced in 2016 by Iksan Skuter himself. The songs on this album can be said to bring the folk genre and tell a lot about social and political problems in Indonesia at that time. This album contains 12 songs and he composed all the songs himself.

(Ari Yusuf – Museum Musik Indonesia)


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