Aktuil Magazine

Aktuil is the name of an Indonesian music magazine that was published in the period (1968 – 1986). Aktuil Magazine contains news and information about the history of music in Indonesia and international, especially information about pop and rock music that was popular at that time. Aktuil Magazine experienced its golden age in the era 1970-1975 where at that time this magazine became a must read for young people in Indonesia. Unfortunately, since 1976, the prestige of Aktuil magazine began to decline, this decline continued until  it finally disbanded in 1986.

On this web page, we from the Indonesian Music Museum (MMI) have digitalized some of our Aktuil magazines collections into a digital book in pdf format and can be downloaded. Before that, we would like to inform you that the Aktuil Magazine digitization project could be carried out because of the support of The Asia / Pacific Regional Committee for the Memory of the World Program (MOWCAP), an institution under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Thank you to them for the support.

(* Special note: This Aktuil magazine digital book can be used by anyone but only for educational and documentation purposes only)