Fados from Portugal


After Poland, Uruguay, and Kuwait, Portugal become the 31st virtual guest of our site.

This Republic is an European country bordered by Spain to the north and east, while the west is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

A Portuguesa is the national anthem of Portugal. The song was composed by Alfredo Keil, and the lyrics were written by Henrique Lopes de Mendon tahuna in 1890. It was used as the march for the failed republican uprising of January 1891 and was adopted as the national anthem of the newly formed Portuguese Republic in 1911, replacing O Hino da Carta, the anthem of the former constitutional monarchy which has collapsed.

There are two types of music from Portugal that have been recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage, namely Fado and Cante Alebtejano. The existence of keroncong genre in Indonesia cannot be separated from the role of Portuguese immigrants around 1512. This music was born and developed in Indonesia. Meanwhile in Portugal itself, there is no known keroncong music (HHW).


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