[VCD] Plat N – Broke N Roll

Collection type: VCD
Name of the band/musician: Plat N
Album title: Broke N Roll
Country: Indonesia
Origin: Malang, East Java
Genre: Rock
Producer: Perdana RecordS
Release year: 2006
Label: Perdana Records
Donors: Hengki Herwanto – Malang
Donation date: 25 September, 2013
Registration number: V-10.572

(By: Ari Yusuf)
Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia  

Plat N is an indie music group/band with the Rock N Roll genre from Malang. According to media portlamusikmalang.com, the band was formed in 2002. The album “Broke N Roll” is their debut album.

Tracklist :

  1. Nikah Siri
  2. Satu di Hati
  3. Alam Jiwa
  4. Lebih baik aku
  5. Petuah cinta
  6. Semua (ost.Jana Movie)
  7. Alicia
  8. Pewaris cinta
  9. 1001
  10. Mimpi

Personil PLAT N:

  1. Vicky (Vocal)
  2. Jhimb (Bass, keyboard)
  3. Agus (Drum, keyboard)
  4. Puguh (Guitar, vokal latar)
  5. Zam-zam (Guitar)

Camp : Brigjend Katamso 35 Malang
Email : onlycrossmanagement@yahoo.com


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