[CD] FLANELLA – Surfresh

Collection type : CD
Name of the band/musician : FLANELLA
Album title : Surfresh
Country : Indonesia
Origin : Malang, East Java
Genre : Pop, Acoustic
Producer : Wise Production
Release year : 2016
Tracklist : 8

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia  

Flanella is a band from Malang City which was officially formed in November 2000 with the formation of the initial members: Kidnep (Vocal), Ayik (Guitar), Basia (Keyboard), Vicky (Drum) and Ngoeg (Bass). In 2003, a record producer from Jakarta was visiting Malang City, and at that time, he listened to one of Flanella’s songs on Radio Kota Malang, which immediately became interested in working with Flanella to launch a Full album. Also in 2003, Flanella’s debut album was published, which also immediately got Platinum. The album, entitled Surfresh, was their 4th album released in 2016.

Tracklist  (Arrangement by FLANELLA & Lyrics by Kidnep):

  1. Dear Fans Dari Anak Band
  2. Tiada Duanya
  3. Beautiful Star
  4. Apa Artinya Cinta
  5. Senyawa
  6. Forever Young
  7. Jangan Pernah
  8. Hidup ini Indah

Executive Producer : Kidnep, Ayik, Onky, Catur, Kunya on Flanella
Producer : Kidnep & Deny
Track Record : Royale Studio, Brickcave studio, Haryo studio
Mixed Engineer : Izzat Abdi
All Song Writer : Kidnep
All Arranged Music : Flanella
All instrument music : Flanella
Cover Design : Ilunk Derosy Photo art : Kiky Djoaz


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