[CD] GUSAR – Kawasan

Collection type : CD
Name of the band/musician : GUSAR
Album title : Kawasan
Country : Indonesia
Origin : Indonesia
Genre : Rock, Trash Metal
Producer : BE Sound
Release year : 2012
Label : Indie
Tracklist : 6

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia  

GUSAR is a metal music group from Malang City that was founded in 1991. Their songs are songs that express anxiety or panic as a reaction to extraordinary events that they experience. Their songs are presented with tones & rhythms with the character of “Gusar”.


  1. Kawasan
  2. Jagal Pikiran
  3. To Slave the Scream
  4. Bad’s Dream
  5. Schizophrenic
  6. Mistake Foresee

Personil Gusar:
Sony (Vokal/gitar)
Avandi (Drum)
Yogi (Bass/growl)
Nggox (Rythm/screaming)

Sound engineering: Kriz Nadiza


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