[CD] ABATOAR – Now or Never

Collection type : CD
Name of the band/musician : ABATOAR
Album title : Now or Never
Country : Indonesia
Origin : Malang, East Java
Genre : Heavy Metal
Producer : ABATOAR  
Release year : 2013
Tracklist : 10

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia  

Abatoar is a heavy metal band formed in Malang, Indonesia in February 2012 by Hadyan Qashidi and Endotiama. The name "Abatoar" itself comes from French, which means a slaughterhouse.

Early in their career, Abatoar covered songs from metal bands, such as Lamb of God, Chimaira, Arch Enemy, and Trivium. Then, they released three singles namely "Dekadensi" for the first single, "Wasted Struggle" for the second single, and the last one is "Faith and Fade".

Their musical style is a strong rhythm style with melodic leads and dual guitar solos. The stomping double bass is combined with bass guitar and is supported by aggressive vocals.

In 2013, Abatoar was preparing for their first debut album called "Now or Never" and on December 31, 2013, the album was officially released independently. This album consists of 10 Ultimate Heavy Metal songs, with the first single called 'Novus Ordo Seclorum'.

Tracklist :

  1. Novus Ordo Seclorum (Cipt: Very)
  2. Skyline (Cipt: Very)
  3. Wasted Struggle (Aransemen: Hadyan / Lirik: Baginda)
  4. Never Die (Aransemen: Very / Lirik: Hadyan)
  5. Trendkill (Cipt: Very)
  6. Faith and Fade (Aransemen: Very / Lirik: Hadyan)
  7. Future World (Cipt: Very)
  8. Dragonborn (Cipt: Hadyan)
  9. Dekadensi (Aransemen: Hadyan / Lirik: Baginda,Ragastya, Ghany, Pungky)
  10. Now or Never (Cipt: Very)

Member of ABATOAR:

Pungky Mahardika: Vocal
Very Sapto Aji: Guitar
Hadyan Qashidi: Guitar
Farizki Ade Pratama: Bass
Baginda Bagus Pradana Sinambela: Drum

Twitter: @ABATOAR
Facebook: ABATOAR
Youtube: ABATOAR666


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