[Vinyl] DEMIS ROUSSOS – Forever and Ever



Collection type: Vinyl Records
Name of the band/musician: Demis Roussos
Album title: Forever and Ever
Country: Greece
Release year: 1973
Serial number: 6325 021
Tracklist: 10 (Side 1 and 2)
Contributor: Taufik S Gombloh, Solo, February 10 2014

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Tracklist  :

 SIDE 1 
1Forever and EverS.Vlavianos & R.Constantinos
2My Friend The WindS.Vlavianos & R.Constantinos
3My ReasonS.Vlavianos, Ch.Cjalkitis, H.Banks
4Lay it DownJJ.Cramier & P.Kent
5Lovely Sunny DaysF.Lai & C.Desage
 SIDE 2 
1Lost in a DreamS.Vlavianos, Ch.Chalkitis, C.Watson
2Velvet MorningsS.Vlavianos & R.Constantinos
3RebeccaS.Vlavianos, Ch.Chalkitis, B.Bergman
4When I Am a KidS.Vlavianos, Ch.Chalkitis, B.Bergman
5Good bye my love Good ByeM.Panas/K.Munro & Jack Lloyd

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia

Demis Roussos (15 June 1946 – 25 January 2015) was a Greek singer and former member of the Greek rock band Aphrodite’s Child. His name is known for his distinctive vocal vibrato. After Aphrodite’s Child disbanded, Demis embarked on a solo career, with hits from Demis Roussos including “Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye”, “My Friend the Wind”, “My Reason”, “Velvet Mornings”, “Someday”, and “Lovely Lady of Arcadia”.


Forever and Ever is a Demis Roussos’s album released in 1973 by Philips Records. This album made his name more famous internationally and managed to penetrate the German, Dutch, Norwegian and Austrian markets. His single Hits entitled “Forever and Ever” managed to enter the Top Charts in several countries in Europe. Roussos also released this album into Spanish under the title Eternamente.

On this album, all the musical arrangements were made by S. Vlavianos. Except for the song “Good Bye My Love Good Bye” which was arranged by M. Panas.


J.J. CramierJ.J. Cramier: Guitar and 12 strings guitar

A.Caracadas: Lead guitar and classic guitar

B.Rosati: Bass

P.Jean: Drum and percussion

C.Hayward: Flutes

G.Conti and A.Perdigon: Trombones

Orphe: Bouzouki

S.Vlavianos: Keyboard, organ

Vocals: Demis Roussos and all friends

(By: Ari Yusuf – Museum Musik Indonesia)


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