[Cassette] DONNY & PRASS – Di Atas Bukit Sunyi



Collection type: Cassette
Name of the band/musician: Donny & Prass
Album title: Di Atas Bukit Sunyi
Country: Indonesia
Release year: 1982
Label: Irama Tara Record
Tracklist: 10
Contributor: Hengki Herwanto – Malang, August 22, 2009
Serial number: K-0348

Reference link: https://youtu.be/yn8krEkzC8Y

Tracklist  :

1Khabar Tentang Esok
2Di Atas Bukit Sunyi
3Gaun Putih Ny.Yulia
4Dari Balik Kaca Jendela
5Simpati dan Cinta
1Gadis Penari
2Ada kasih di Altar ini
3Cita Bahagia
5Pesta Kecil Kaum Buruh

Donny & Prass is a duet singer/musician brothers from Malang City, East Java. They moved to Jakarta and started their music career in the Indonesian capital around 1978. Their musical career has been quite long, they have participated in various events and music festivals. Their association with other Jakarta musicians also made their musical experience and career grow.

Until now they are still actively working in the music world under the name AUDIENSI BAND. AUDIENSI BAND is one of the accompaniment bands with a very long career track record. What makes them special is that they have been a regular Home Band at the Indonesian State Palace from the 1990s to the 2000s.


This cassette album is the first album from Donny & Prass which was produced with Irama Tara Records in 1982. This album contains songs that are their own composition with pop music colors that are melodious, soft, and poetic. With the presence of this album, Donny & Prass became part of the Top Indonesian musicians in that era.

(Ari Yusuf – Museum Musik Indonesia)


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