Collection type: CD
Name of the band/musician: Toto Tewel
Album title: Miberdhewen
Country: Indonesia
Release year: 2018
Producer: Toto Tewel
Label: Pelampung Record
Tracklist: 7
Contributor: Toto Tewel, May 9 2018

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Tracklist  :

NoTitle Composer
1Kontra (Contradiction)Toto Tewel
2Macan Lanang (Tiger)Toto Tewel
3Java LydianToto Tewel
4Depok 1880Toto Tewel
5La Villa Strangiato/RushRush
  • All tunes mixed by: Toto Tewel
  • Mastering by: Yoko Nomura
  • Original Photo by: Flo Maderebner
  • Caricature by: Armen Caricature
  • YouTube Channel: TOTO TEWEL
  • Facebook: Official Toto Tewel Fans Page
  • Instagram: @Toto Tewel Fans Page

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia

Emmanuel H.H alias Toto Tewel is a legendary Indonesian guitarist. The man who was born in Malang, on January 1, 1958, has had a long career in the Indonesian music world. He is a guitarist for the band ELPAMAS (Elektrik Payung Mas) since 1983 until now. He has also been a guitarist in several groups such as Swami, Kantata Samsara, Dalbo, which were fronted by a number of great Indonesian musicians such as Iwan Fals and Saung Djabo. Toto Tewel was awarded the title of the Best Guitarist at the Rock Festival in Indonesia, which was held by Log Zhelebour (1984, 1985, and 1986).


The album, entitled Miberdhewen, is Toto Tewel’s first solo album. This album was produced by Pelampung Records. It was released in the Bulungan area, South Jakarta. According to Toto, the title Miberdhewen was taken because it means flying alone. This title was taken because all the songs on this album were composed by himself. Toto admitted that all the songs on this album were inspired by the story of his personal life and career in the music world for the last 45 years.

“This is really an album that I made myself. ranging from drums, guitar, and bass. I composed everything myself,” said Toto in a written statement received by JawaPos.com

(Ari Yusuf – Museum Musik Indonesia)


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