[CD] GOD BLESS – The Story of God Bless


Jakarta, Indonesia

Collection type: CD
Name of the band/musician: God Bless
Album title: The Story of God Bless
Country: Indonesia
Release year: 1990
Tracklist: 10
Contributor: Pongki Pamungkas, August 13, 2009

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Tracklist  :

NoTitle Writer(s)
1Huma Di Atas Bukit (1975)Donny Fattah / Syumanjaya
2Musisi (1980)Teddy Sujaya/Donny Fattah
3She Passed Away (1975)Donny Fattah/Achmad Albar
4Raksasa (1989)Teddy Sujaya/Rudy Gagola/Jockie Suryoprayogo
5Kehidupan (1988)Jockie Suryoprayogo
6Cendawan Kuning (1989)Jockie Suryoprayogo
7Setan Tertawa (1975)Donny Fattah/Achmad Albar
8Rumah Kita (1988)Ian Antono/Theodore K.S.
9Menjilat Matahari (1989)Jockie Suryoprayogo
10Sesat (1975)Donny Fattah/Syumanjaya

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia

GOD BLESS is a legendary Indonesian rock band that was formed in the capital city of Jakarta on May 5, 1973. At first, God Bless did not have their own song. At the beginning of each performance, they still used to bring songs from foreign bands, such as Kansas, Easy Beast, Genesis, and Deep Purple. Then they tried to write their own songs, so they could get into the recording studio. And finally, in 1975, God Bless released their first album. Also in 1975, God Bless was chosen as the opening band for the concert of the world’s legendary rock group, Deep Purple, in Jakarta.

God Bless Member (now):

    Ahmad Albar – Vocalist I

    Ian Antono – Guitarist, back vocal

    Donny Fattah Gagola – Bassist, Back vocal

    Abadi Soesman – Keyboardist, pianist, synthesizer, back vocal

    Fajar Satritama – Drummer and percussionist

Album :

    1975 – God Bless

    1980 – Cermin

    1988 – Semut Hitam

    1989 – Raksasa

    1997 – Apa Kabar

    2009 – 36th

    2017 – Cermin 7

Album Compilation:

    1990 – The Story of God Bless

    1992 – 18 Greatest Hits of God Bless

    1999 – The Greatest Slow Hits


"The Story of God Bless" is God Bless’s first compilation album released in 1990 on the Logiss Records label. All 10 songs on this album are from their previous 4 albums, namely: God Bless (1975), Cermin (1980), Semut Hitam (1988), and Raksasa (1989). The first two albums are represented by 5 songs rearranged for this album, with fresher and more modern arrangements.

(Ari Yusuf – Museum Musik Indonesia)


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