[Cassette] Dorce – Mader Oh Mader, Aku Ingin Pulang


Dorce’s longing for her mother was probably fulfilled now. In 1995, Dorce sang the song entitled “Mader Oh Mader, Aku Ingin Pulang” (translated to English, “Mother oh Mother, I Want to Go Home) in a dangdut album of the same name. This song composed by Youngky RM contains Dorce’s story to her mother about her pathetic fate. “Mader, kini ku kembali”, or in English “Mother, now I’m home” is one of the lyrics of the song.

Both of Dorce’s parents died when she was a child until she lived with her grandmother, Siti Darama. At the age of two, she and her grandmother moved to Jakarta. When she was five years old, Dorce was sent to a kindergarten not far from her aunt’s house in Kramat Sentiong. A year later, she was taking her study to Salmin elementary school.

A few years later, Dorce developed her career in Surabaya. After her name became popular, she returned to Jakarta in 1990. Her career skyrocketed.

Dorce also created a private museum, which she built to help her to reminisce about the hard times before she got famous. The museum contains dozens of Dorce’s performing outfits. One of them is now in the Museum Musik Indonesia.


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