[Cassette] Kak Ria Enes & Suzan – Si Kodok


Malang, Indonesia.

Collection type: Cassette
Name of the band/musician: Kak Ria Enes & Suzan
Album title: Si Kodok
Country: Indonesia
Release year: 1992
Label: SAR Record
Tracklist: 4
Contributor: Dji, November 29, 2009
Serial number: K-0593

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NoTitle Writer(s)
1Si KodokPapa T.Bob & Wahyu WHL
2Tebak SuaraWachid Ajie
3Bermain MusikArief Budiono
4Yo Ayo (Feat. Anita Theresia)Wachid Ajie

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia

Full name: Wiwiek Suryaningsih
Stage name: Ria Enes
Date and place of birth: Malang, 29 Juni, 1968
The doll's name: Suzan
Profession: Penyanyi, penyiar radio, presenter, pendidik anak, dan artis ventriloquist

Ria Enes is a children’s song singer who sings using children’s characters through a doll named Suzan. In the 1990s, Ria Enes managed to gain popularity throughout Indonesia along with her doll, Suzan.


In 1991, Ria Enes worked as a radio announcer at Radio Suzana Surabaya. At one time, Ria had to broadcast on her own because her tandem at that time could not attend the studio. On her own initiative, Ria then airs solo as if speaking to a child. Coincidentally, she is a woman who can create children’s voices from her throat. The little girl was called Suzan, her name was taken from the radio station where she worked.

Unexpectedly, her first broadcast with Suzan received a positive response, marked by the number of calls that came into the studio asking for the little girl who was coquettish, naughty, and chatty but smart and entertaining. As a result, Ria Enes & Suzan received many offers for on-air broadcasts on the radio.


Success in on-air radio shows and requests for off-air began to emerge. At first, the Suzan character did not yet have a physical form, but because of the request for an off-air event, Ria finally brought along a girl doll that she bought at a doll shop in Surabaya City.

Due to the increasing number of off-air offers, Ria can no longer broadcast on the radio. On a good term, she said farewell to her career at Radio Suzanna. Since the existence of the character Suzan, the name Ria Enes is less popular than the doll, because her fans usually ask more about Suzan.


Ria Enes until now has been more involved in the world of children’s education, through the Suzan World educational institution, which she has founded in 1994 in Surabaya. Ria Enes along with former child artists/singers are also members of the Selamatkan Lagu Anak (Save Children’s Song) Community.


After the success of both on-air and off-air shows, a record producer asked her to record children’s songs. Ria then welcomed the offer. The album with the title Si Kodok is Ria Enes & Suzan’s first studio album, which was released in 1992 through the Supranada Abadi Records label. This debut album immediately exploded in the market and was liked by children at that time. After that, other albums were also released which were also selling well in the market. The cover of this album is also equipped with the lyrics of each song. The hit song on this album is a song with the same title called “Si Kodok”.

Musicians involved in this album:

Paul Soenjaya (Mixing Programmer, Guitar Arrangement)

Wachid Ajie (Keyboard Arrangement)

Drg. Tiook (Keyboard Programmer)

(Ari Yusuf – Museum Musik Indonesia)


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