Fryda Luciana


She is a singer who also has a career at the State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia. Two of the tapes are in Museum Musik Indonesia. She brought the songs by Eros Djarot with a strong expression and spirit.

Fryda is not a keroncong singer, but she was the first to donate to the preservation of keroncong music. The daily task of this Master of Law graduate from Monash University, Australia is dealing with documentation and information dissemination. Perhaps, this makes Fryda see the importance of cultural preservation activities.

The conservation program designed by Museum Musik Indonesia will begin with the construction of the Keroncong Corner. The works of Waldjinah, Gesang, Kusbini, Tuti Maryati, Bram Titaley, Endah Laras, etc. will be displayed in this section. The inauguration is scheduled for April 21, 2022.

Fryda's concern cannot be separated from the role of MMI’s partner in Jakarta, Stanley Tulung. Stanley's network of friends with Indonesian musicians has been built and maintained for a long time. Thank you very much, Stanley and Fryda.


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