[Cassette] Dani Arema – Wes E Wes (Produced by Sunar One)


Malang, Indonesia.

Collection type: Cassette
Name of the band/musician: Dani Arema
Album title: Wes E Wes (Cipt. Sunar One)
Country: Indonesia
Release year: 2000
Label: Selecta Record
Tracklist: 10
Contributor: Hengki Herwanto, Malang, July 31, 2009
Serial number: K-0165

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Tracklist  :

NoTitle  Writer(s)
1Wes…E..WesSunar One
2Tak Nakal LagiFreddy M
3Ninja HitamSunar One/ Iwon Ompong
4Si Gendut dan Si BotakRino Sanjaya
5Mlaku Sore SoreNN
1PR (Pekerjaan Rumah)Rino Sanjaya
2Anjing dan KucingRino Sanjaya
4Petinju CilikIwon Ompong
5Pak Dhengkek lan Pak RadhenNN

Collection of Museum Musik Indonesia

Daniel William Satria Winarta, or who has the stage name of Dani Arema, was a child singer from Malang City, Indonesia. He started his career as a children’s song singer in the late 90s era.

About the Album

This album is an album in the form of a cassette tape which was released in 2000. At that time, the price of the cassette was IDR. 13,000. This album is entitled Wes E Wes which is also the title of one of his hit songs composed by Sunar One. This album contains 10 songs, all of which are children’s themed songs.

The parties involved on this album are:

Ranu Suryanto (Music Arrangement)
Selecta Record (Executive Producer)
Sunar One (Producer)
Arco Jakarta & Natural Surabaya (Studio)
Jockoklusut & Tono Ram – Irvan (Operator)
Paman Dolit (Graphic Design)

(Ari Yusuf – Museum Musik Indonesia)


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