Ludruk, Nation's Cultural Heritage


Ludruk is a traditional theatrical performance art from East Java. In general, it contains stories about heroic tale or people's daily lives. Ludruk is special because its always punctuated with jokes and accompanied by gamelan as music.

Ludruk favored by public in the era of 1960 to 1990. The show was always full with audiences, the cassette tapes were also selling well in the market, to the point that pirated cassettes appeared. Now Ludruk began to sink eroded by the times. Although this art is a cultural heritage of our ancestors has important moral values., the messages are delivered with jokes that make us laughing.

We endeavors to preserve Ludruk by storing its cassettes and LPs. There are about 100 cassette which is in good condition, while the rest of them are in a condition that need to be more maintained. These conditions are such as the torn'd cover, no cover, the tape is loose, etc. Our effort to maintain cleanliness from dust problem are also solved by storing them in cardboard boxes.

In an effort to introduce Ludruk to the public, we will participate in an exhibition held on Museum Sepuluh November in Surabaya at August 25-27, 2022. Hopefully this simple effort can awaken public awareness, especially the government, to protect this cultural heritage so it does not become extinct in the development of the times. (HHW).


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