Unique Book from Taiwan


Extraordinary. This is a rare document that maps out the musical activities of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) in Taiwan. A country that has been calm all this time, but has recently been disturbed by the presence of high-ranking US officials so that its relations with China are heating up. A few months ago the atmosphere in Taiwan was tense. Taiwan residents, including immigrants, were required to participate in simulations in the event of an enemy attack. The townspeople were asked to take refuge in the bunkers that had been prepared. As soon as news from Hasan, an Arema who is taking a Master's program in Kaohsiung City with a specialization majoring in mechanical engineering. Hasan during the holidays last August visited MMI while distributing the book to add to the museum's collection. Hasan is also listed as a member of the Malang City PPKD (Main Idea for Regional Culture) Drafting Team in 2018.

Hasan when visiting MMI

On the sidelines of PMI's routine activities, it seems that its members still have time to channel their talents. They sing dangdut, campursari, pop and even metal songs. The name of the Black Cloak group is well known by young people in Taipei, Kaohsiung and several other cities.

Jubah Hitam Group

The number of PMI in Taiwan is about 250,000 people. They are the main market as well as local citizens who like Indonesian songs. Indonesian-run cafes are also growing. Former dangdut singer Ratih Wulan Sari is one of the most successful cafe/discotics managers. He said that about 20 years ago there were only 4 Indonesian shops in front of Kaohsiung Station. Now there are more than 20.

Printed in November 2021, this book published by the Trans / Voices Project & The Cultural Taiwan Foundation, in addition to containing music scenes, also contains a collection of lyrics and biodata of popular immigrants in Taiwan. Presented in Indonesian and Mandarin/written language. (HHW)


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