Collecting America LP's Data


Stack of America's LP based on state

One of the tasks of the museum is to study its collections. Three days ago, 4 staff at MMI tried to study the collection of LPs (PH) from American musicians. The first step is to record the names of musicians and their state of origin. The number of albums of each musician and their year of release were also counted. After 5 days of work, the data obtained were 502 LPs with a total of 295 musicians, either individuals, groups or groups. Some have 1 album and some have dozens of albums. Talking about PH means we are talking about music that existed between 1960 and 1980. Outside of that year, there were indeed, but not many, especially at MMI.

The United States has 50 states. From the collection at MMI, we haven't found PH whose artists come from 12 states. Namely Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The state with the most artists was California with 52 names, followed by New York with 44 names and Pennsylvania and Texas with 18 names each.

Which American musician has the most albums on MMI? Billy Vaughn (23), Jim Reeves (22), Elvis Presley (10), Andy Williams (8) and Pat Boone (7). Other names have 6 LPs or below.

That is the initial data collection conducted by MMI. Still far from complete. Hopefully it can be useful information.


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