ACC-MOWCAP Small Grants Programme Dissemination Seminar


23-24 November 2023

Venue:Asia Culture Center, International Conference Hall, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Organizers: Asia Culture Center, UNESCO Memory of the World Committee for  Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP).


1.Australian Academy of Science (Australia), Fenner Collection Digitisation & Digital Access Project  (2021)

2.Museum Musik Indonesia (Indonesia), Digitization of Aktuil, the Indonesian music magazine, edition from 1967 to 1978 (2020), 2021:Documentation of Recorded Albums of Indonesian Traditional  Music from Sumatra to Papua, which is a collection of the Indonesian Music Museum (1956-2000)

3.World Heritage Moving Image  Centre (Malaysia), Research, writing and publishing book on Malaysia’s moving image heritage (2019), National celebration of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2020 (2021-2021)

4.Council for Cultural Heritage Networking and Communication (Mongolia), Birchbark Culture of the Mongols (2020)

5.Association of Young Mongolists (Mongolia), Building an Online Database for the Documentary Heritage of Mongolian Domestic and Ritual Culture  in Private Collections (2022)

6.Save Myanmar Film (Myanmar), Purchasing the Archival Materials to Save the Extant Film Reels which are in danger (2018), Intensive training on using Umatic players and digitization the last copies of documentary heritages on Umatic tapes (2019), A web project to provide public access to surviving film list/filmcatalogue and live streaming of digitized classic films on  social media (2020), Setting up a mini audio – visual library for the public to get access to old classic Myanmar films includingdigitally restored films and other non-materials (2021)

7.Chitrasena Vajra Dance Foundation (Sri Langka), Cataloguing, Digitizing and Conservation Project of Chitrasena Vajra Dance Theatre History (Phase 1 & 2) (2019-2020)

8.Nguyen Huy Family (Vietnam), Translation from ancient Chinese to Vietnamese to English and the publication of the book The Envoyship Journey to China (2018), Translation of The Summary of Complete Essentials of Human Nature: from ancient Chinese into Vietnamese (2019),Transcribe, translate and publish Summary of Complete Classic of Ode (2020), Publishing the volume1; ba kinh toan yeu dai toan of Phuc Giang School Woodblocks (2021), Publishing The volume 2-Ba kinh toan yeu dai toan of Phuc Giang School Woodblocks (2022)

Gwangju, 23 November 2023


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